Pre-K (Fours and Young Fives)

  • Class Offerings:
    Pre-K- Monday-Thursday class or Monday-Friday class
    Young 5s- Monday-Friday class

  • Use the Zoo-phonics curriculum to teach the letters and sounds in a multi-sensory way

  • Emphasis on kindergarten readiness and a vocabulary enriched curriculum

  • Participate in chapel, music, science, art appreciation, and fitness

  • Further develop early literacy skills through books, environmental print, letter and sound recognition

  • Further develop math skills through practice of number recognition, writing numbers, graphing, patterning, sorting, one to one correspondence, measurement, and beginning addition and subtraction

  • Science concepts pertaining to how living things grow and change, body parts, weather and five senses

  • Fine and gross motor skills will continue to be strengthened through daily activities

  • Continue social development skills with an emphasis on problem solving, manners, and friendship

  • Written progress reports are completed in January and April

  • Parent conferences will occur at the end of April