Program Highlights

Thank you for your interest in the Johns Creek Baptist Church Preschool. We would love to have your child become part of our growing program!

We offer:

  • Exceptional, experienced staff of teachers, assistants and administrators
  • Classes for 12 Months through Young Fives
  • One of the lowest teacher/student ratios among preschools in our area
    • 12-24 Months = 2:8 Ratio
    • 2 Year Olds = 2:10 Ratio
    • Young 3 Year Olds = 2:12 Ratio
    • 3 Year Olds = 2:12 Ratio
    • Young 4 Year Olds = 2:14 Ratio
    • 4 Year Olds = 2:14 Ratio
    • Young 5 Year Olds = 2:14 Ratio
  • Age appropriate curriculum throughout all levels including Chapel
  • Classroom learning centers providing art, blocks, manipulatives, phonics, multi-sensory play, playground, and more
  • Enrichment classes including Music, Fitness, Library, Science, and Art Appreciation
  • After school programs have included such activities as Soccer, Music, Tennis and Science (Threes through Young Fives)
  • Excellent communication with parents through parent/teacher conferences, newsletters, daily folders, website, and school functions
  • Volunteer opportunities including: Scholastic Books, Teacher Appreciation, Classroom Parties/Centers, and Mystery Reader
  • Summer camps (Threes through Young Fives)
  • Safe and secure, state-of-the-art facilities
  • Peanut-free school

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